2018 …from the ‘where are they now’ file..

6 02 2018

They found my muse, half dead, laying in the desert, in desperate need of care.  Fed, watered, and motivated by friends and a new telecaster, it looks like he’s going to make it.  It might be a half effort, but better than none.  One song posted, so here we go!

FAWM 2014

7 03 2014

I seem to have missed a year.  Last year I spent time filming fellow fawmers for the music documentary.    We now have a draft of that called “FAWM: Fast Songs”

For 2014, I focused on finishing fawm and did so with lots of collabs.  My FAWM page

FAWM 2012

15 07 2012

I finally posted my songs to this site from FAWM (February Album Writing Month) of this year.  Enjoy!

Song 4 done – First Light

8 02 2011

This one sort of ended up as a timeline of life song.  The music was done quickly and I worked on more production stuff.  Lyrics just completed tonight and they were a bit tougher.  I’m trying to avoid songs about nothing…..

Song #3 in process…..

4 02 2011

I keep hearing Morrissey on this, so I’ll have to be careful with the vocals…..or not…

Done now – called it A Famous Host – Terry (Mrs. Missile Wings) wrote lyrics for this one, and she did a great job.

FAWM started…….

2 02 2011

The first song is sort of done, but needs drums.  I’m trying to decide if I should keep going and do drums later, or to do drums now so they sound better for reviews and risk not meeting the 14 song challenge……maybe a bit of each.  The next one has drum loops – very strange for me – funk techno dance rap rock biker song…….actually this will be my fifth….

Song demo – Storms & Dreams

25 01 2011

This is a song in the works. Started with a guitar recording, then slowed it down with protools and added some words and vocals. I realize I need to sing it softer to stay in key. I was just so happy that my protools software was working!

In the storm you were hidden from view
In the storm you were lost without a clue
You wore white to be seen in the dark, but it snowed
You shone your light but the sun rose behind you
In dreams it’s hard to know just what is true
But you can float and sail above everything
We lost you in the clouds off the radar
You took a dive into the ground but you were unharmed
And you can float and sail above everything
Storms have swallowed up your images
Storms have followed you into your dream
And now even floating you can’t be seen
But you know you’re there