FAWM so far……

10 02 2009

I’m off to a bit of a slow start as far as numbers of songs, but feeling good about progress with the new gear and software.  I’m learning a lot about midi, which is really cool, though I’m finding that my guitar playing rushes a bit, so I’ll either need to correct that or learn to vary my drum tracks to accomodate that.

My new Pro Tools version 8 is working well, except I’m getting some error messages during playback – needing to adjust the buffer size.  I’ll have to go through the bio setup according the Digidesign forums to get that running.

I need to crank out some songs, so I’m going through my summer recycling bin to see what can be used there.   I’m liking the more hard rock sounds this year for some reason.  Quiet loud quiet might have to be my fawm theme.




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