Progress of the wings……

26 02 2009

The Missile Wings – new and improved with the second “i” – is struggling a bit with the last 3 songs – or last 6 songs if you don’t count the Dapple Throat stuff.  With so much going on at work right now, I’m not terribly concerned with getting extra songs just to have the FAWM counter say “winner!”.  I dabbled a bit tonight and now have about 3 or 4 songs begun, but nothing was coming together.  I will have to go back to basics tomorrow and lay down a drum loop first and write around that with bass first, then guitars and vocals.  Whatever happens, I have some new songs that I really like and am looking forward to playing with the full band with people – in a pub or coffee shop or party.  Maybe we can arrange a FOP (fawm over party).  Anyway, it’s been great with lots of gear learning and I’ll be sad to see it end again.




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