FAWM over

16 03 2009

Well,  I finished my second FAWM.  I’m very happy with my songs and am still working on them – remixing, rerecording parts, etc.  I just added drums to Psychic Odyssey and like the sound of that.  Now to figure out how to perform these live……….that’s the tough part!



2 responses

16 03 2009

Hey, your RSS feed is working! Now I’m automatically notified when you post something. This is great!

It works much better than the “Notify Scott when Jake is eating toast” feed I secretly installed in your kitchen. Either that, or you never eat toast.

I will listen to your Psychic Odyssey remix in my next free minute, which is four days from now. Have you posted it yet?

16 03 2009

I have posted the new version of Psychic Odyssey. In listening, I think the timing is a bit off, which is annoying. I guess I have more work to do!

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