Missle Wings consists of Mike “Jake” Jacobson and friends.  The goal is to create music that we like.  We hope you like it too.  Formerly unknown as Piranha Brothers, we found that there are a few groups calling themselves that, and we wanted to avoid the legal issues once we go platinum and appear on SNL, guest hosted by T.V.’s Bronson Pinchot, airing the weekend after the MN Vikings win the superbowl in the frozen city of Hades.

Missile Wings at Acadia Cafe, Mpls

Missile Wings at Acadia Cafe, Mpls


Most music is inspired by relationships, climatic conditions, and unedited streams of consciousness.

Favorite Artists:  REM, Interpol, Guided By Voices, Autoclamp, Static Captain, Sacraficialglam, Pixies, Suburbs, Eric Distad Trio, Oren Goby, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Black Keys, Beethoven, Frightened Rabbit, etc.

Back Story

In 1982, Jake started a band in college that later evolved into a fairly popular group called Circle of Eyes.  They rocked the underground Minneapolis music scene and cut a “45” (that’s a small disk of vinyl that was used to play music by spinning it on a “turntable”) called “All The Guns”.  In 1987 they cut an album (also on vinyl) called “Priests & Poets”.  The band was set aside after Jake got married and started a family.

Now, an empty nester, Jake has time to dedicate to more music. He and friends have been jamming once a month and encouraging each other to write, record, and perform their own music.


No animals were hurt in the process of making this music.  Few animals were injured in the process of driving to get strings or to jam sessions or gigs.  One animal had his feelings hurt when friends came to the door and he wouldn’t stop barking so I had to scream at him to shut up.

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