Acadia gig on Sunday!

9 06 2009

FAWM will be hosting a showcase of 5 Twin Cities artists on Sunday June 14th from 7:00 til 11:00pm at the Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis.  Missile Wings will be there, which for this occasion, will consist of Mike Jacobson (me), Paul Schuldt, Matt Legas, and Scott & Brian Martin.  Also playing will be Static Captain (Paul Schuldt), Eric Distad, Mark Kaufman, and T-Spoon.

Missile Wings at Acadia Cafe, Mpls

Missile Wings at Acadia Cafe, Mpls

Be there!


30 03 2009
Static Captain at the American Legion in Robbinsdale,MN

Static Captain at the American Legion in Robbinsdale,MN

At the FOP!

19 03 2009

There is a FAWM Over Party (FOP) on March 28th at the Robbinsdale,MN American Legion.  Local fawmers will be there to share music, perform, and talk music.

Open Mic at Anodyne

17 03 2009

I have a friend – Brad Cattadoris – who participates in this open mic night at the Anodyne in Minneapolis on the first Friday of each month.  I looks like fun!

FAWM over

16 03 2009

Well,  I finished my second FAWM.  I’m very happy with my songs and am still working on them – remixing, rerecording parts, etc.  I just added drums to Psychic Odyssey and like the sound of that.  Now to figure out how to perform these live……….that’s the tough part!

Progress of the wings……

26 02 2009

The Missile Wings – new and improved with the second “i” – is struggling a bit with the last 3 songs – or last 6 songs if you don’t count the Dapple Throat stuff.  With so much going on at work right now, I’m not terribly concerned with getting extra songs just to have the FAWM counter say “winner!”.  I dabbled a bit tonight and now have about 3 or 4 songs begun, but nothing was coming together.  I will have to go back to basics tomorrow and lay down a drum loop first and write around that with bass first, then guitars and vocals.  Whatever happens, I have some new songs that I really like and am looking forward to playing with the full band with people – in a pub or coffee shop or party.  Maybe we can arrange a FOP (fawm over party).  Anyway, it’s been great with lots of gear learning and I’ll be sad to see it end again.


FAWM so far……

10 02 2009

I’m off to a bit of a slow start as far as numbers of songs, but feeling good about progress with the new gear and software.  I’m learning a lot about midi, which is really cool, though I’m finding that my guitar playing rushes a bit, so I’ll either need to correct that or learn to vary my drum tracks to accomodate that.

My new Pro Tools version 8 is working well, except I’m getting some error messages during playback – needing to adjust the buffer size.  I’ll have to go through the bio setup according the Digidesign forums to get that running.

I need to crank out some songs, so I’m going through my summer recycling bin to see what can be used there.   I’m liking the more hard rock sounds this year for some reason.  Quiet loud quiet might have to be my fawm theme.


Music site for Missile Wings

4 02 2009

Feel free to check out the tunes and make comments.  This site is under construction.  The old site is at

For songs written during  February Album Writing Month (, go to the Songs of 2009 tab.