Songs of 2012

FAWM Songs

1.  On The Green Line

2.  Twilight  

3.  Contagious  

4.  Aftermath  

5.  Clearings  

6.  Narcissist Earth  

7.  Life On A Flood Plain (Dapple Throat)  

8.  Wichita  

9.  Angelica (w/Autoclamp)  

10.  A Going Concern (w/Autoclamp)  

11.  Back On Board (w/Eric Distad)  

12.  Like Knowledge (only better) (w/Eric Distad)  

13.  Tripwire (w/Sacraficialglam)  

14.  Extra Pale (w/Tigewill)  

14 1/2.  Team America  


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